Friday, 2 March 2012

TM president named honour associate by APIRM

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José Luis Serna Almodóvar with the former Spanish Housing Minister, Beatriz Corredor

The Builders Association of Murcia (Asociación de Promotores de la Región de Murcia – APIRM) decided to honour José Luis Serna Almodóvar for his outstanding work within the construction industry.

APIRM's Board of Directors unanimously agreed to name the recently deceased president and founder of TM Real Estate Group, José Luis Serna Almodóvar, as an Honoured Associate of their organisation.

In this way, the Association wants to recognise and acknowledge his outstanding work within the industry and highlight his meteoric career which spanned many years and which, in the words of APIRM General Secretary, Alejandro Zamora, "has served to magnify and highlight the local real estate sector".

La entrega del galardón se llevará a cabo el próximo 29 de marzo durante la celebración de la asamblea general de la APIRM a la que acudirán en nombre del empresario sus hijos, también directivos de la empresa promotora.

The award ceremony is to be held on the 29th March to coincide with the APIRMs Annual General Meeting (AGM) and will be collected by Mr. Serna's children together with other directors from TM Real Estate Group.

Image: Archive photo showing José Luis Serna Almodóvar with the former Spanish Housing Minister, Beatriz Corredor, during the ceremony to mark the laying of the foundation stone atResidencial Amelie, a social housing project in Murcia.

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