Saturday, 8 February 2014

Torrevieja - Stew and Wine Tour

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Torrevieja 'Stew and Wine' Tour

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 08:56 AM PST

CARTEL-CAZUELA-Y-VINO-2014This weekend, over two dozen restaurants and hundreds of  local residents will participate in the first gastronomic event of 2014 in Torrevieja; "La cazuelica y el vino", which translates simply to 'stew and wine'

In total, 25 restaurants will between them offer a large variety of traditional stews and casseroles, giving us the chance to sample all kinds of fish and seafood, along with a diverse selection of meat dishes typical of Spanish cuisine.

The restaurants will, of course, offer a wide range of exquisite wines specially selected to wash down the delicious food on your plate.

As is habitual with these events organized and held in Torrevieja, the prices will be as attractive as the food, with each dish costing just 2€ and a glass of wine 1.50€.

With an offer like this, who could resist?

You can consult the menus and map of restaurants at this link:

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