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Its coming together, check out the beautiful artwork and stunning characters........

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Meet The Three Originals!
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Wishingtooth Newsletter

The Three Originals

Meet The Three Originals

All the baby teeth that children lose are reborn magically into Toothees—the colorful and quirky residents of Wishingtooth World. Most famous of all are the Three Originals—the very first Toothees to be born from children's Wishingteeth. Meet Wiggle, Waggle, and Yank!

Wiggle was born from the first tooth a child lost by wiggling it free.

Waggle was born from the very first loose tooth a child lost by waggling it back and forth.

was born from the very first loose tooth a child lost by bravely pulling it out.
In this this page from The Wishingtooth Storybook Adventure, the Three Originals guide Pete and Melody through Scarywood Forest.

Find out what happens next! Download the free app to share with your family.

Ask Zora Swift

The Tooth Fairy loves to hear from you. Follow @ZoraSwift on Twitter and tweet her any questions that you or your little ones have, and she'll tweet back—when she's not busy collecting teeth, of course! Your question might even be featured in our next newsletter. Till then, here's a question that a few of our fans had:
Andy W., Rachel K., and Jessica S. wanted to know how many teeth Zora Swift has ever collected. The answer is *drumroll please*...

1,683,622,468,886… and counting!

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