Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wishingtooth Newsletter

Meet Malgrin—the ruler of Rottenopolis!
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Wishingtooth Newsletter

Meet Malgrin—the ruler of Rottenopolis!

Meet Malgrin

Meet Malgrin, the fallen fairy whose wish-stealing schemes make him the top dog over in Rottenopolis. Once a Tooth Fairy, like Zora Swift, Malgrin lost his way—and his wings—when he began taking the magical wishes of children for himself.

He wants nothing more than to get his powerful fairy wings back so that he may take over Wishingtooth World.
The ruler of Rottenopolis tweets @MalgrinRules. Join the fun, follow along!
Malgrin in Rottenopolis
Can Pete save his Wishingtooth from Malgrin's grasp? Just maybe, with one last big wizoo…
Download The Wishingtooth Storybook Adventure to see what happens next!
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