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Triathlon Sprint and Aquathlon Championship of Andalucia

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 04:46 AM PDT

The Triathlon Sprint and Aquathlon Championship of Andalucía took place over the weekend of the 6th and 7th September, again consisting of two well established competitions; The XX Pulpí Triathlon and the IV Pulpí Aquathlon.


The competition, which is the most important in the calendar of the Andalucian triathlon Federation, was held on the Playa de los Nardos area in the town of San Juan de los Terreros. The chosen scene for the competitions was the new coastal park which forms part of the "Mar de Pulpí Pueblo Mediterraneo" beachfront urbanization developed and constructed by TM Real Estate Group, who were also the events main sponsor.

During many years, the municipality of Pulpí, and more specifically San Juan de los Terreros, has been a place of reference for holding this highly prized event in which approximately 600 participants were joined by fans, coaches and managers. This year was even more hotly anticipated with the inauguration of the much requested facilities that TM Real Estate Group had made available to the Andalucian Federation for the race. These facilities include, as well as the afore-mentioned coastal park, a 2.3km running track, fitness rooms with conference facilities, and a sports centre with the possibility to hire equipment for mountain and aquatic activities. Joaquín Serna, TM Real Estate Group Director, said "Our aim is to make Mar de Pulpí Health Sport & Leisure Centre an internationally recognised centre for elite athletes. The unparalleled natural surroundings together with ideal climatic conditions in the area make this the perfect destination to practice sport all year round".

The reception and registration of the athletes took place on Friday 5th between 16.00h and 21.00h, and Saturday morning between 11.00h and 15.15h in the Mar de Pulpí Health, Sport and Leisure Center, situated in the Mar de Pulpí Commercial Centre on the same site.

The Triathlon Sprint race began at 16.00h Saturday, and was made up of 750m swimming, followed by 20km cycling and concluding with 5km running. The outright winners in the masculine category, a race in which participants included world biathlon champion, Emilio Martín, were as follows: 1. Bruno Raso Moreno; 2. Mario García Moreno; and 3. Victoriano Raso Moreno. In the female discipline the winners were: 1. Mabel Gallardo Garcia; 2. Marina Castro Cerván; and 3. Sandra de la Torre Rodríguez. [complete results on www.mardepulpisports.com]


The race adjudicator was named by the Andalucian Triathlon Federation as Mr. Macario Cabeza. The results were published in real time on the website www.mardepulpisports.com. Prizes were given to the first three federated finishers and the first three non federated finishers both in the male and female categories.

The winners ceremony at the conclusion of the event was hosted by Ms. Ángeles Martínez Martínez – Regional Sports Minister, Mr. Juan Pedro García Pérez – Mayor of Pulpí, Jose María Merchán – President of the Andalucian Triathlon Federation, and Joaquín Serna – TM Real Estate Group Director.

The IV edition of the Pulpí Aquathlon took place on Sunday 7th, and consisted of 2.5km on foot, followed by 1km swimming and finishing with a further 2.5km running. Prior to the race, at 10.00h, the second edition of the Aquathlon competition for underage competitors was also held with various categories according to the age of the participants.

Sundays winners were as follows: 1. Bruno Raso Moreno 2. Camilo Puertas Fernández 3. Victoriano Raso Moreno in the male category and, in the female category: 1. Eva García Moreno 2. Raquel Úbeda Fernández 3. Irene Cabrera Roldán.


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